How it started

The Health Tribunal project is an event initiated by community members of San Miguel Ixtahuacán following participation in a community-based health project.  Preliminary findings of this research indicate that community members’ health has been threatened by the local Marlin Mine, a subsidiary operation of Canadian company Goldcorp.

This in-progress study is one of many studies that has indicated that the the majority Mam Mayan population of San Miguel Ixtahuacan’s health and wellbeing has been threatened by local mining operations through its impact on water quality, contaminant exposure, safety, human rights violations and indigenous sovereignty. Human rights groups and journalists also report that violence against women, political persecution and criminalization of resistance leaders, social division and economic inequity have also increased since the Marlin Mine has been established in the region.

The Health Tribunal project has expanded to include mining affected community leaders and advocates in Honduras, Mexico and Canada – similarly affected by Goldcorp mining operations. Despite prevalent and growing community vigilance, Goldcorp has downplayed and  denied many health concerns and potential societal and environmental impacts raised by local residents.

Community members want an opportunity to voice their concerns and to share their knowledge about Goldcorp mining industry has impacted their community. At both the national and international level, they ask that their concerns be taken seriously and that policy leaders, health advocates and political authorities take action to put an end to corporate recklessness and impunity.

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