Goldcorp’s guilty verdict delivered to authorities in Canada and Guatemala

On Monday August 1st, regional leaders of San Miguel Ixtahucán hand-delivered the Peoples International Health Tribunal verdict to the Guatemalan government, the Canadian embassy and Goldcorp’s Guatemalan office. The verdict clearly found Goldcorp guilty for environmental harms, health problems and illnesses and human rights violations. While both government representatives accepted the document, Goldcorp’s offices would not accept a copy of the verdict, refusing to engage with mining-affected community leaders.

In Vancouver, Canada, a group of Canadian citizens, similarly concerned by Goldcorp’s misconduct, were able to share the verdict with administrative staff at Goldcorp headquarters although barring their entry, further dialogue, and refusing to sign a confirmation that the document was received.

These actions were a follow up from the 2-day Peoples International Health Tribunal that showcased community testimonies (available in Spanish here) as well as scientific accounts of the impact of Goldcorp mining on communities in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. Further, they were part of a larger Continental day of action demanding justice and an end to impunity in the mining sector. With more than 10 cities across Canada, 12 cities in Colombia and simultaneous actions in other countries including Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, the movement urged their governments to: (1) divest from mining companies known for human rights violations and environmental infringements and put an end to corporate mining complicity (2) respect free prior and informed consent of indigenous and campesino communities and community consent processes, such as community referendums that have rejected mining projects and (3) further regulation to hold corporations accountable for their misconduct.

Read the full letter (in Spanish) to the president of Guatemala here

More pictures and footage coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Goldcorp’s guilty verdict delivered to authorities in Canada and Guatemala

  1. Awesome presentation in blog… Thanks for sharing it !!!!!

  2. […] is now connected to multi-state networks opposing mining (by Goldcorp, for example: “Goldcorp guilty for environmental harms, health problems and illnesses and human rights violation“), and also part of international outreach by these networks to Canada  and the European […]

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